Three Staffing Options for Medical Coders

Remote Staffing Option 1


This is unique option is for organizations considering or are now actively off-shoring their coding. Because HIPAA regulations cannot be enforced on off shore coding companies (Click HERE to learn more) and the questions as to who is really coding the charts (non-certified or certified) many organizations that engage off shore coders do so at a perilous financial risk. HIMpartners provides a safe lower cost alternative to off shore coding. The cost for this option is even lower than that of traditional US based coding firms. 


HIMpartners employs newly certified coders at a rate substantially lower that experienced coders. That cost savings is passed on to the client. HIMpartners does an in-depth interview with each coder, extensive testing, and in-house training (prior to assignment). Coders are then monitored and audited by experienced coders to ensure a 95% minimum accuracy rate. We provide the name, certification and resume of every coder assigned to your project. You can contact them at any time. Clients are comfortable knowing that HIPAA rules are being enforced, that work is being monitored and that they are helping a new group of coders gain the experience needed to maintain the growth and accuracy for the future of the industry. Pricing is based on your needs and is very competitive with the rates being charged by off-shore entities.

Remote Staffing Option 2


All coders are certified and have a minimum of over two years’ experience. We have an extensive network of coders  to match your needs. Clients can review the coders resume and even schedule a call with them prior to assignment. Again, coders are available for direct hire without a fee after 480 billable hours.

Onsite Staffing Option 3


If your organization requires onsite staff, our network of nationwide recruiters can find the right candidate for you. We place them at your facility and you can hire without a fee after 480 billable hours are completed.


HIMpartners offers three staffing options. In all instances your organization can hire any coder without cost after 480 billable hours. 

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