Denials and Appeals clinical/coding


Denials are flooding in to most physician practices and facilities

There are certain steps that need to be taken to protect your revenue. 

Here are a few important ones: 

1. Review the proposed denial or downgrade. The carrier is not always correct with their reasoning for change or denial. Determine if it should be appealed.  

2. Do an appeal! Most carriers allow a limited number of appeals, so use your appeals with care. Appeal anything that has a reasonable chance for overturn, keeping in mind the amount of money it represents. If you accept all changes you can be targeted for reviews and can see the number of encounters reviewed at your practice or facility skyrocket! 

Limited resources, no problem….we can do reviews of your denials and determine if they should be appealed. If they should, we will write the letters, send the back up documentation and follow up with the carrier.   

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